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We use infra red light and thermal imaging to diagnose and treat animal injuries.



Thermal imaging is one of the most efficient tools in identifying soundness issues in horses.  We can all agree that finding the root cause of lameness can be very difficult to pin point which part of the horses body are involved, such as the back, shoulder, neck, hip, legs or feet.

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Thermal Imaging can be performed on any animal that has a heartbeat.  Livestock such as cattle, goats, pigs, alpacas, sheep etc, can benefit. Mastitus can be diagnosed, lameness, dental issues, post calving treatment can be started more promptly.

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Companion & Other Animals

Thermal imaging is very useful in identifying exactly what is ailing them.  If you know something is wrong with your pet, whether behaviour changes, going off food, or unable to move about like their normal self. Thermal Imaging can help.

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Welcome to Clearview Thermal Imaging.

As an animal owner myself, I know how important it is to being able to keep our animals healthy and feeling their best.

Thermal Imaging provides a visual tool in locating and diagnosing injuries and illness in your animals. Detection can often be seen weeks before an animal shows any clinical symptoms.

Thermal Imaging is non invasive. No sedation is required, there is no stress to the animal and there is no radiation emitted from camera.

I'm a certified technician. I provide to you and your animal optimal evaluation, and personal care, so you and your athelete/companion can perform and live up to their top notch potential.

I look forward to helping you and your athlete/companion animals succeed. I'm always available to answer questions and discuss your concerns. Flexible with hours to accomodate you.

Disclaimer: Thermal Imaging is not a replacement for veterinary care. It does give a place to begin treatment options, providing the guess work out of the way. All images are available to clients including a full report.




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